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Two Possible Needs

Business Sales Consulting Services

  • Performance/Contingency Work:
    A social media campaign that would aim to connect you with potential buyers. $10 per lead (only when verified by you), $3000 for a closed deal.
  • Increase the value of your company for potential sale with data lists, new website, marketing technology, etc. $x (Depends on project, or value of data.)
  • Verify a fair valuation with NY Sterns School of Business valuation index. $100
  • Provide a professional market research report that you can share with buyers about this industry. Produced by a third party, typically sells for $1500 per report. Barter cost to you $500.
  • If a buyer is financing, use the value of my services as part of sales. You get the cash, I still do the work for barter. $x

Business Marketing Services

  • Satisfaction Before Payment Website
    I will build a website with up to date marketing technology (action oriented sales copy, list management, retargeting capabilities, newsletter, etc.) It would feature testimonials, gallery, lead gen for new appointment calling. If you are unhappy with it, no hard feelings, I do not bill and you do not get the website. If you are happy with it, I will migrate the site to your domain/hosting. $3000
  • Lists of apartment complexes, property managers, or even individual homeowner data. $x
  • Cold/Bulk Email Services to the above data. $500 for one blast.


I have spoken with my family, and I would be fine performing my work first (or on contingency, where indicated above) and you can provide your services/product as late as March 2021. It’s important to get that vacation time! 🙂

Direct market value rate, dollar for dollar service trade.

To do this deal, visit the sign up page here. The barter agreement is linked on this page as the “Terms & Conditions”, which provides protections for both sides.

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

““Every man lives by exchanging.””

— Adam Smith