Cipres Proposal

Honing It In

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Replace ProntoChat

Instead of paying ProntoChat monthly until the end of times, I can find and install software that has the same important features to you on all of your websites. You would own it forever, and there would be no need to pay monthly.
Est. $719

New Home Owner Email

3 Month Engagement
For the 90 days after starting this campaign, I will pull data on new homeowners in your service area, and perform proprietary data services to find their probable email and phone data.

Est. $0.50 per confirmed delivered email, and 0.10 cents to buy the data from us afterwards.

Existing Homeowner Blast

Aim to deliver 25,000 confirmed delivered email messages to existing homeowners in your service area advertising your services. $0.15 per confirmed deliver, option to buy data at .10 per record after the campaign.

Competitive Intelligence Campaign

The “U2 Flyover” Package comes with a guarantee. When you read the full debriefing, you feel like you’ve gained very valuable insight, or there is no “charge”.

Your report will include:

- The marketing strategies of FIVE of your close competitors, of varying sizes. 

- The marketing technologies and tactical information used by those 5 competitors they use to execute those strategies.

- "Vendor Scans" to catch a glimpse under the hood that powers some of your competitor's engines.

- Industry Leading research on your industry produced by a recognized 3rd party research firm, typically worth $1500 for each report. You will also receive an executive summary of this report, distilling the most actionable insight. If applicable, you will also receive up to 2 other reports of closely related industries. 

Priced at $1000 with the guarantee.


Create pages on your website that target niche keywords (with enough volume to be valuable) and provide monthly content to rank those keywords.

Pay Per Click

Help you choose which platform, and then set up professional PPC campaign. (I am certified with Google Adwords.) You’d be responsible for the actual adspend.

Video Content

Custom video content featuring your services. Content can be used for trustbuilding, leadgen, or advertising to targeted audiences.

Other Thoughts

Barter credit would be applicable to any of your companies.

Direct market value rate, dollar for dollar service trade.

To Do The Deal:

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“I bartered for a digital advertising campaign that really helped me step my game up. I had wasted some money on pay per click in the past using Google’s campaign suggestions, but it is so different when an independent ad agency sets it up. “
-Elijah, Level Up Game Truck

“I am so appreciative that Loaded Bases Marketing not only taught me how my competitors showed up when people in my service areas searched for my service, but now I’m getting clicks cheaper than them.”

-Avie, Colorful Faces By Avie

“This was very thorough and helpful.” – Nathan, Attorney at Law

“We are very pleased with our new booking system.”
-Calvin, AIMT

“Wow, I’m blown away. THANK YOU!”
Body Glow Massage

“Every man lives by exchanging.”

— Adam Smith, smart old dude with a wig from the 1800s.
Also called “Father of Economics” for writing “Wealth of Nations”.
He’d be down with barter.